Pops of Color

With the transitioning of Spring among us, it’s nice to see splashes of color pop from the city streets. Bright exciting hues are the perfect complement to essential pre-summer staples like the loose trouser or tailored short. The warming temperatures are hints to expand our typical choices and have fun with colorfully fresh pieces!










Looks I’m Loving

Winter provides us with so much room for experimentation + variation in our looks, it’s really inspiring to see all the subtle changes that can come from similar choices. I’ve shared some style-inspiration + looks I’m loving right now. Happy Weekend!

27795722671722148_S6ab71U1_c SONY DSC 142848619402524523_eW1CGlCj_c 160722280421803972_CW148QCr_c 197102921163371196_e2PT3h7u_c 222998619020430003_BitUjcpb_cFor more style-inspiration you can visit my Pinterest page here

The Holiday Party Dress

With the onslaught of holiday party invitations comes the dread + horror of finding the perfect party dress. The holiday season is getting into full swing + we’re faced to deal with hectic traffic, (lack of) parking, crowded malls + the need to impress on a budget. If that wasn’t enough it can be difficult to find the perfect dress that’s pretty, sophisticated,  + work-funtion-appropriate with a holiday feel. I’ve shared some holiday inspiration that will (hopefully) help guide you to find your perfect party dress!

The Glam Mini

The Goddess

The Chic Secretary

The Conservative Mini

The Romantic

The Party Skirt

5 Trends You Should Try

Due to the success of my first ‘5 Trends’ post, I have decided to continue the series. Thank you to all of the wonderful readers who have taken particular interest in my little blog here – you make my heart sing. Without further adieu, here are 5 Trends you should try:

1. Rock All Denim

Seen Here

2. Gold Cuff

Also Seen Here

3. High-waisted Trouser

Seen Here

4. Lower Chignon

Also Seen Here

5. Printed Blouse

Seen Here

Black on Black on Black

While I’m usually one for taking chances when it comes to style + fashion; I explore new colors + trends regularly varying on my mood that day, sometimes there’s nothing better than pulling out all of your favorite noir pieces for an all-out black-out. I’ve shared some of my favorite examples:

Seen Here

Seen Here

Seen Here

Seen Here

Seen Here

5 Trends You Should Try

1. Chunky Scarves

Consider this ‘killing 2 birds with 1 stone’; not only will you be warm but also perfectly in season

2. Skulls

Halloween is around the corner, but this trend is in year-round

3. Military Jacket – Army Green

I love this jacket – Mix + matches great with staple pieces, a winter must-have

4. The Perfect Topknot

If you haven’t jumped on-board the ‘top-knot’ train, then get on. This look gets you from day to night with little to no fuss while looking stylishly sophisticated

5. Colored Leather

Daring + different keep fall looks fresh + current. Try dark red leather skinnies with a slouchy sweater + booties. Too much? Stick to colored denim to create your look.