Chapters Too, is a Gateway to an Empty Wallet

A casual trip to Chapters, nbd…. Except when I go with the intentions of a good book + find myself perusing through their home collection section for an hour! Chapters – why do you do this to me? Just when I think, okay I’m safe – there’s nothing to buy here but books! I am sadly mistaken by beautiful prints by the oh so inspiring + talented Stephanie Sterjovski, cheerful tea cups or bright pretty stationery from my favorite Rifle Paper Co. .. geez  you can’t even escape a good statement necklace! Whoever is doing the buying over at Chapters is doing their job because by the time Christmas rolls around I’m going to have quite the list for Santa.


1. Rifle Hello Case for iPhone 5 by Rifle Paper Co. $34.95
2. Hanging Garden Notepad by Rifle Paper Co. $9.50
3. Cara Three-Piece Statement Necklace by Cara NY $55.00 $27.50
4. Love You More Than Stars Pillow by Indigo $39.50
5. All You Need is Tea & Warm Socks by Indigo $39.50
6. La Ou Tu Es Je Suis Bien by Indigo $39.50
7. Cursive Monogram Mug by Indigo $8.00
8. Good Morning Beautiful Mug by Indigo $10.00
9. Classic Votive Candle – Suede Blanc by Voluspa
10. 2014 Polka Dot Agenda by Kate Spade $36.00
11. Flat Heart Gold Studs by Dogeared Jewels $42.00
12. Cara Leather LOVE Bracelet by Cara Accessories $24.00
13. Cara Leather Wrap Bracelet by Cara Accessories $20.00
14. Oh La La by SS Print Shop $35.00
15. Oh My Deer I Love You by SS Print Shop $15.00
16. Love by SS Print Shop $15.00


Fabulous Home Lighting

There’s nothing quite like chic lighting to brighten up a space! I’ve rounded up some gorgeous light fixtures worthy of becoming the main attraction to any room.


5066618300380364_Irb3Do7t_cAvailable Here

73605775131280588_PTchn1ru_c101964379034770537_4117kbkT_cCrystal Chandelier

23221754298708259_gV6V1wXS_cAvailable Here



213217363578663611_PTvPc8xb_cAnything catch your eye? I want to hear from you! Comments welcome below

Monday Zzzz

On a frosty Monday morning, there is one place in particular I’d rather be. In bed! So since I’m still day dreaming of my warm, cozy covers I figured it would only be natural to share some of my favorite spaces to catch a wink.

Stephanie Vogler’s Place in Style at Home Magazine

Space by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl

Space by Veanad

Space seen in Style at Home Magazine

Space seen on Little Blue Deer

DIY {Gold}

If ever you can’t find it in stores, you do-it-yourself. I’ve come across loads of DIY-inspired ideas for around the home that I would totally incorporate into my own. Especially these easy alterations to typical pieces like the ones I’ve shared below. A little gold accent really takes these looks to the next level. What are some of your favorite DIY projects? I’d love to see them, feel free to post in the comment section below!

Gold Corners: Get the look

Gold Tray: Get the look

Ikea Shelves Painted W/ Gold Accents

Gold Staples for Special Invites or Event Programs. Get the look

For more DIY inspiration + ideas you can also visit my Pinterest page here

Coffee Nooks

It’s official, fall has arrived + we are forced to say so-long to summer. Looking out the window at this cold, rainy + rather gloomy day got me to thinking about the warmth + coziness that I do enjoy when forced to deal with this sort of weather. Things I love most about this time of year are truly the simplest. Sometimes there is nothing better than cozying up with a great book + a strong cup of coffee.

I wanted to share some of the coolest + creative home coffee nooks + bars that I hope to one day incorporate into my own home:

The Coffee Cabinet from Details & Design

The Cappuccino Corner from Martha Stewart

The Coffee Bar from The Aestate

Rustic Meets Chic

As much as I love classic white, modern interiors I also have a profound love for rustic pieces that bring a unique charm + feel to a space. Much like my life, I admire + often adore high-end labels + glamorous style + decor. On the other hand I love the gifts that nature provides, the beauty of the outdoors, often spending my down-time on Vancouver Island basking in the beauty + simplicity of the ocean, trees, sun + sky. Blending these two worlds is completely unique to me, an imprint of my own personality.