Blessed Birthday

This week I turned 27 – how fast this year has flown!? While 26 was full of many struggles + home stretches it was also probably one of the most rewarding and bitter-sweet years of my life. I finally completed my Business Degree in Marketing + shortly after landed my dream 9-5 at a prominent Advertising Agency in the city. If that wasn’t enough, the love of my whole life + I are on the move to purchasing a home together. At last. The stars have aligned + I’m convinced that the universe is working in my favour.


Also this past weekend, my beautiful cousin got married to her soul mate. She held a gorgeous reception at my grandfather’s house complete with twinkle lights, a DIY Ceaser bar, complementary flip-flops & an ‘everything you might possibly need tonight’ station; from bottles of advil, hand sanitizer, gum to band aids and blankets to bug repellent. It. Was. Awesome.

The big day took place the night before my birthday + definitely had me reflecting on all I’ve accomplished this past year + the moves I want to make in this next blessed year.


If I’ve learned anything it’s to never stop dreaming and that there is possibility in everything!

1. Personalized Initialed Outdoor Bar
2. ‘Everything You Might Possibly Need Tonight’ Station; includes Fleece blankets, Advil, Off Bug Repellant, Tissues, Gum, Hand Sanitizer + Hand Wipes
3.  ‘Spice of Life’ DIY Ceasar Station
4. Delicious Mini Appetizers
5. Twinkle Lights lined the outdoor tent


Christmas Series: Desert Tables

My favorite part of hosting a chic party has to be the desert table. It’s fun, usually the center of attention + can be themed to match whatever occasion you’re wanting to create. In our case, we are celebrating Christmas (YAY) so I’ve shared some desert table inspiration in preparation for this holiday season.

133982157635799644_tcSHpoEI_c Choose a (realistic) number of treats you’d like to serve – no need to overwhelm yourself! Less is usually more

268808671479040756_DH8qJrnn_cUse decorative platters, cake trays + dessert stands to beautifully present your sweets

265360603013545116_1he9UJVj_cAdd an element of fun by incorporating a Candy Bar (my personal favorite), perfect for kids + adults alike

165999936234590704_1xD8PcMz_cAdding Christmas decor discussed here add the perfect finishing touches

63894888432801870_3aKK4sHB_cAdd colorful + descriptive tags

145100419213921900_ZN1VYNVR_cCustomize your color palette to your party or event, pink is perfect for a girls afternoon of sweets + champagne

For more holiday entertaining inspiration, you can also visit my pinterest page here

Chic Halloween Entertaining Ideas

With less than a week to go until Hallow’s Eve is upon us, it’s time to start planning the perfect party! (I’ll take any excuse). I’ve shared some really fun, creative ways to entertain with Halloween in mind.

Table Settings:

Festive Treats:

Salted Pumpkin Caramels

Ghost Cake Pops

Candy Corn Fudge


Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Halloween Boo Paper Straws Available Here

Halloween-inspired Mantel

Party Favors:

Pumpkin Pouches

 Broom-stick Treats

*You can also visit my Pinterest page for more seasonal ideas