She’s On The Nice-List

For the girl who has everything, I’ve pulled my must-haves for the girl who’s always got your back. Office stationary, notebooks, statement jewelry & cosmetics or a fun, cozy polka-dot sweater… there’s ALWAYS something sweet to put in her stocking for Christmas morning! Click around to find something fitting for your besty(ies) – Santa’s only a few sleeps away!!

bfflove JPEG

1. Bodum 8-cup French Press $59.95
2. Madewell Eyewear $169
3. iPhone 5S in Gold
4. Work-it Honey Pillow Cover $28
5. ‘I’m allergic to mornings’ Coffee Mug $24
6. Gem Drop Earings $8.00
7. Kate Spade Journal Set $38
8. Polka-dot Sweater $30.98
9. Dior Holiday Lacquer $53.28
10. JCrew Statement Necklace
11. Limited Edition Lavish Luxe Gold Brush Set $26.99
12. Gold Acrylic Stapler $24
13. Kate Spade Box Card Set $25 available at ShopbyMonika
14. NARS Eye Paint $25
15. YSL  Mascara Volume Effect $30

Chapters Too, is a Gateway to an Empty Wallet

A casual trip to Chapters, nbd…. Except when I go with the intentions of a good book + find myself perusing through their home collection section for an hour! Chapters – why do you do this to me? Just when I think, okay I’m safe – there’s nothing to buy here but books! I am sadly mistaken by beautiful prints by the oh so inspiring + talented Stephanie Sterjovski, cheerful tea cups or bright pretty stationery from my favorite Rifle Paper Co. .. geez  you can’t even escape a good statement necklace! Whoever is doing the buying over at Chapters is doing their job because by the time Christmas rolls around I’m going to have quite the list for Santa.


1. Rifle Hello Case for iPhone 5 by Rifle Paper Co. $34.95
2. Hanging Garden Notepad by Rifle Paper Co. $9.50
3. Cara Three-Piece Statement Necklace by Cara NY $55.00 $27.50
4. Love You More Than Stars Pillow by Indigo $39.50
5. All You Need is Tea & Warm Socks by Indigo $39.50
6. La Ou Tu Es Je Suis Bien by Indigo $39.50
7. Cursive Monogram Mug by Indigo $8.00
8. Good Morning Beautiful Mug by Indigo $10.00
9. Classic Votive Candle – Suede Blanc by Voluspa
10. 2014 Polka Dot Agenda by Kate Spade $36.00
11. Flat Heart Gold Studs by Dogeared Jewels $42.00
12. Cara Leather LOVE Bracelet by Cara Accessories $24.00
13. Cara Leather Wrap Bracelet by Cara Accessories $20.00
14. Oh La La by SS Print Shop $35.00
15. Oh My Deer I Love You by SS Print Shop $15.00
16. Love by SS Print Shop $15.00

Oh la la !

A peek at some of my bright + cheery favorites – Shop my picks below!

blog post - bonjour!

1. Del Toro Slippers $300
2. YSL Rouge Pur Couture | Color #27 Peche Cerra-Cola $34
3. Pencil Set on Etsy $15
4. Kate Spade Notebook $18
5. Pamela Love Mini Arrowhead Rose Gold-Plated Necklace $170
6. Michael Kors Jet Set Sport Watch $209
7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Bunny iPhone 4 Case $50
8. Bonjour iPhone 5 Case $38
9. Kate’s Paperie Party Horns 
10. Jami Rodriguez Anchor Necklace
11. Pink Shopping Tote by Alexander McQueen $230
12. Kate Spade iPad Case $50
13. No. 5 Chanel $74

*************** I’ll be sharing an exciting giveaway announcement this Friday, May 24th!!

My 5 Step Guide to a Successful Year!

Happy New Year! After a hectic + stressful 2012 + taking some much-needed time away to play in the surf, sand + sun, I welcome 2013 with open arms as a chance at a new perspective + a fresh start. In getting started in making changes + following through I’ve shared my guide to success in the new year.

Set Your Goals


They say that 80% of people who write down their goals, actually achieve them – Write them down! I like to review + adjust mine every 4-6 months to ensure that I am on target + seeing results. Getting your goals down on paper will help you to figure out what you really want to take from the coming year + specify how you will get there. Be actionable.

Make Health + Fitness a Priority


It’s true our body is our temple, as cliché as that may sound. And while we tend to find any excuse we can to avoid hitting the gym, the truth is that getting in at least 1 hr a day of physical activity whether at the gym or at home is crucial to our success in other aspects of our lives. Our health should be our #1 priority to living a happy long life.



Taking the time to de-clutter will not only help to create a clean, organized space making you feel better, but I’m a firm believer that it leads to time used more efficiently and in turn increasing productivity.



2013 should be your year to drop what’s weighing you down + replenish yourself with the things that will help you achieve your goals. Too often, we are lead to believe that we can fuel our bodies with just anything like the latest quick ‘snacks’ on the go. I recently saw a great photo on instagram that read: “Fruit is fast food” – yes, it may take a little more time + preparation to get all the good stuff but in the long-term, why not be the best we can be? Make the time + do what’s best for your body + your life.

Do Something Different


We can’t expect different results by doing the same things. Why not make this year the year to take a chance at something you’ve always wanted? You won’t know unless you try – what have you got to lose?


No matter what you’re trying to achieve this year, big or small make it the best it can be!