Jacqueline Conoir Retail Event

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the JC Studio for a peek at the Jacqueline Conoir + JAC spring collections. We also had the opportunity to view a behind the scenes presentation of their creative process from start to finish on their latest campaign, so cool!. We came, mingled, shopped + had a great night! Thank you to everyone at JC Studios for the wonderful evening!





street2Photo Credit: Andrea Kritinc

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Coffee Nooks

It’s official, fall has arrived + we are forced to say so-long to summer. Looking out the window at this cold, rainy + rather gloomy day got me to thinking about the warmth + coziness that I do enjoy when forced to deal with this sort of weather. Things I love most about this time of year are truly the simplest. Sometimes there is nothing better than cozying up with a great book + a strong cup of coffee.

I wanted to share some of the coolest + creative home coffee nooks + bars that I hope to one day incorporate into my own home:

The Coffee Cabinet from Details & Design

The Cappuccino Corner from Martha Stewart

The Coffee Bar from The Aestate

Let’s Talk Table-tops

What you display on your table-tops, in your front entrance, in your bedroom tell a lot about you as a person. I love photos of different kinds of table-tops – how they’re displayed and with what details + personal touches. Fresh-cut blooms, a great vase, my favorite design books + vintage perfume bottles are my table-top display of choice! What are some of yours!?!

All photos taken from Pinterest!