Christmas Series: DIY Christmas

Skinny Hot Chocolate Mix


//Just 15 Calories Per Serving// Perfect Gift Recipe Here

Pretty Party Poppers

203013895672624897_fAzQlZaH_cInstructions Here

Gold Branches

237213105342952722_5zVTQb8h_cSpray paint gold branches for chic holiday decor

Handmade Place Card Holders

533676624563061640_l0t4Z7GF_cI found these on Etsy


75646468712885571_blBbhNHs_cHow-to Instructions Here

Brass Baubles

125819383309727472_98NyzFuo_cInstructions Here

Christmas Series: Desert Tables

My favorite part of hosting a chic party has to be the desert table. It’s fun, usually the center of attention + can be themed to match whatever occasion you’re wanting to create. In our case, we are celebrating Christmas (YAY) so I’ve shared some desert table inspiration in preparation for this holiday season.

133982157635799644_tcSHpoEI_c Choose a (realistic) number of treats you’d like to serve – no need to overwhelm yourself! Less is usually more

268808671479040756_DH8qJrnn_cUse decorative platters, cake trays + dessert stands to beautifully present your sweets

265360603013545116_1he9UJVj_cAdd an element of fun by incorporating a Candy Bar (my personal favorite), perfect for kids + adults alike

165999936234590704_1xD8PcMz_cAdding Christmas decor discussed here add the perfect finishing touches

63894888432801870_3aKK4sHB_cAdd colorful + descriptive tags

145100419213921900_ZN1VYNVR_cCustomize your color palette to your party or event, pink is perfect for a girls afternoon of sweets + champagne

For more holiday entertaining inspiration, you can also visit my pinterest page here

Christmas Series: Holiday Treats

Christmas is synonymous with decadent sweets + treats, so it’s important that whether you’re entertaining or simply a guest to bring your A-game when serving up holiday treats. Something as simple as a variety of home-baked sweets, beautifully assembled with champagne is more than enough to make your guests swoon.

I’ve shared some yummy holiday recipes below:


White Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes


Caramel Toffee Cupcakes


Candy Cane Cakepops


Caramel Topped Shortbread Bites


Peppermint Bark


Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies


Cranberry Bliss Bars


My next Series will cover: Dessert Table Styling!

Christmas Series: Holiday Decor

I’ve shared this holiday decor guide to inspire your Christmas creativity for a trend-setting home for the holidays. Here are some of my top picks for holiday decor. This year I’m loving a mix of sophisticated + traditional decor to achieve a festive look at home.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a seasonal theme is by adding accessories. Mixing non-traditional colors like golds, pinks + blues are a must and can be used in accent pillows, vases, candles or decorative bowls filled with ornament in your chosen colors. Be creative + have fun in the process!

1. Use Vases + Cake Stands To Display Ornaments


2. Mix Sophisticated + Traditional


3. Update Your Color Scheme


4. Incorporate Vintage


5. Add a Fresh Twist to Traditional Holiday Decor


6. Display Your Favorites in Decorative Bowls


7. Warm Lighting


Christmas Series: Holiday Spaces

December is officially here + to kick off the holidays I’m launching a new series that will carry throughout the month, focused on the magic + many details of Christmas. This series will also cover; holiday decor, entertaining, gift-wrapping ideas, party favors + much more.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year + what better way to celebrate than to bring these tiny details into your home so that Christmas-sy feeling can be felt by loved ones, all while setting the scene for some serious holiday entertaining. To start the series off, were taking a peek at some gorgeous holiday spaces:

Starry Night

Pink Holiday

Similar look here

O Holy Night Mantel

Get the look


Get the look

Twinkle Lights

Get the look

Shabby Chic Christmas

Get the look

The next Christmas Series post will take a closer look at holiday spaces, + focus on the little details that make holiday decor so much fun!