Transitioning to BIG Things


First of all, to those of you who continue to read my little blog – THANK YOU! And to those of you who have sent me little notes to keep going – you are my inspiration! Many new + exciting changes are beginning to take place & I couldn’t be happier about ALL of it! With that in mind, it has affected the volume of posts I am able to publish each month (however, soon to change). A firm believer in dreams bigger than myself, I’ve put a lot on my plate recently – all good, but all energy + time consuming. Besides pacing bustling Ad Agency halls from 9-5, I’m in the works of a top-secret re-branding project which I will explain more about in the next few months (!!!)

In other news… we’ve finally become home-owners! After months & months of hunting, we’ve finally found the perfect home! Everything is finalized + now the planning begins! It’s been so much fun to start dreaming of colour palettes, fabrics + furnishings – oh my! I am SO excited.

Moral of ALL this news is this  –  in life, we make  our own luck. Despite all the craziness & chaos that consumes our busy days, it’s important to never lose sight of your dreams & to fight to make them happen. Each day. Little by little. Progress is better than perfect! (Thank you Lara Casey for that one!)

Happy holiday long weekend!

Sydney XO


Monday Glamour

Moving forward I’ll be continuing the ‘Monday Glamour’ series – sharing glamorous photos (every Monday!) that inspire me. Inspiration is everywhere; from the movement of fabrics, colorful prints or closely captured details. We could all use a little extra inspiration to start the week, so let’s go!





Looks I’m Loving

Winter provides us with so much room for experimentation + variation in our looks, it’s really inspiring to see all the subtle changes that can come from similar choices. I’ve shared some style-inspiration + looks I’m loving right now. Happy Weekend!

27795722671722148_S6ab71U1_c SONY DSC 142848619402524523_eW1CGlCj_c 160722280421803972_CW148QCr_c 197102921163371196_e2PT3h7u_c 222998619020430003_BitUjcpb_cFor more style-inspiration you can visit my Pinterest page here