Zara Launches Home Line

Zara has announced their launch into a Home Line Collection (Yipee!). I have to tell you, I am a Zara-lover, often adding + admiring pieces from their clothing line regularly so I am beyond thrilled to see that they have made the leap into the home division (to include us in North America).

The line covers all your home needs, offering everything from bedding to stemware to chic accents + accessories.

While my first impression of the site is mediocre, my personal opinion being that they could have styled their lookbook more effectively to create more of a unified ‘Zara-esq’ impression of the brand online – the photos & styling done on the Zara Home website doesn’t scream as loud as the voice of potential inside me. However, my opinions are my own & I have every faith that the line will be a huge success + the pieces themselves will live up to the hype when adopted into our own homes. Curious to see for yourself? Click here.

Join for a ‘Be-YOU-tiful’ Cause

After reflecting over a weekend of friends, family + multiple turkeys, I wanted to bring a great campaign to your attention. Randa Salloum, owner & creator behind successes I See Noise & The-Unprecedented has been featured in this month’s Framework Magazine, and for a great cause! Salloum created a one-of-a-kind, exclusive “Be-YOU-tiful” print, of which part of all proceeds will be donated directly to Vancouver’s Beauty Night Society.

These prints make for gorgeous gifts for the beautiful women in your life, and for a limited time we can give back in the process! Both Silver & Gold version’s of the “Be-YOU-tiful” prints are selling for $25 each, with $10 from each sale being donated to Beauty Night. Promoting beauty without boundaries couldn’t be easier!

Photo Credit: Framework Magazine

Welcome October

The air has shifted, the leaves are starting to turn, and today marks the official beginning of fall! I adore fall + all it entails. The feel, smells + traditions are something that I was entirely fond of as a child + now completely appreciate as an adult.

Fall traditions for me include; layers, pumpkin spiced lattes (of course!), picking apples, baking pumpkin seeds, making caramel apples + all the beauty that fall provides. What are some of your favorite fall traditions?

My Review: The Kale Chip

After reading the floods of comments + reviews on this magical snack, I had to give it a go! So, this past weekend I headed to my local market to pickup some leafy greens + went straight to work. My first thought was that when baked, kale chips might actually be bitter or they wouldn’t turn out right on the first try. But to my surprise + delight, they turned out perfect! They were light, crispy + delicious – have you heard a bad review yet?

Kale Chips are super easy to make + take little to no time at all – the perfect snack on-the-go, packed with Vitamins K, A & C. 1 cup of Kale contains less than 50 cal, more than 1000% of the recommended daily Vitamin K, more than 300% of Vit A & more than 200% of your recommended Vit C {source}.

Making Kale Chips couldn’t be easier!  Ditch the guilt of snacking + get your greens in – daily!

Pretty Packaging

I am a firm believer in the little details. Those oh-so-little details that make even the smallest something spectacular – whether it be customized invites, party favors or gift wrapping. In the age of technology + E-everything, it’s extra special receiving a beautifully designed, hand written card, invite or carefully wrapped gift. Anyone can hit ‘send’ but taking the time + attention to detail just might make the loved ones in your life’s day!

Printable Tea Party Invite

Neon Gift Wrapping from La Casita

Customized Party Horns from Kate’s Paperie

Skeleton Invites by Martha Stewart

Book Party Favors by The Knot

Adorable Back-to-School Encouragement

Rustic Meets Chic

As much as I love classic white, modern interiors I also have a profound love for rustic pieces that bring a unique charm + feel to a space. Much like my life, I admire + often adore high-end labels + glamorous style + decor. On the other hand I love the gifts that nature provides, the beauty of the outdoors, often spending my down-time on Vancouver Island basking in the beauty + simplicity of the ocean, trees, sun + sky. Blending these two worlds is completely unique to me, an imprint of my own personality.

So Long Summer

The past few days have lost the warmth, feel + smell of Summer. With the changing season just around the corner the days are getting shorter, the temperatures cooler. So long to warm nights, ocean swims, summer feasts + long bike rides. Hello to crisp sunny days followed by colder nights, changing leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes + layers. So long summer…you will be missed.

*All photos taken from my Pinterest account*