Fit Foodie // Breakfast-to-go

As if mornings weren’t hectic enough, making sure you get a meal in before work definitely has its challenges. I’ve shared some to-go inspiration for a yogurt parfait, found on Real Simple.

Store your choice of yogurt in cute weck jars, add homemade granola + fruit for a great, healthy snack when you’re on the go. This is also a great idea for hosting a morning event, breakfast meetings or luncheons without the fuss.



Fit Foodie

Eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day can leave little to the imagination, when it comes to creatively thinking of healthy, nourishing snacks. Using what I had in my fridge, I created a perfect ‘tie-me-over’ snack packed with protein + energy.

What you’ll need:

Greek Yogurt


Combine Greek Yogurt + quinoa together, mixing well. If this is too tart for you,  add honey to taste for sweetness + mix. Once thoroughly mixed, sprinkle cinnamon on top to balance the flavours. Enjoy!