Casual Daytime

daytime casual

PARTYSKIRT accompanied by:  Joe Fresh Waffle-Sleeved 3/4 Sweater // Hat by The Hatter Company // Black Studded Booties By Zara

Perfect Look For: Lunch with the girls

Dressed-up Daytime




PARTYSKIRT accompanied by: Blazer by Zara // Tiger Studded Tank by Zara // Kinley Booties by Mossimo for Target

Perfect Look For: Mid-day Cocktails

Dolled-Up Night Time



IMG_0213PARTYSKIRT accompanied by: Black Tank by Wilfred // Black Military Jacket from Forever21 // Black Studded Booties by Zara

Perfect Look For: A Chic Night On The Town



Let me introduce to you the newest phenomenon to hit the city; PARTYSKIRTS by SKOT Apparel. PARTYSKIRTS was created by two adorable sisters in the quest to complete their closets while off working, studying + socializing in New York + Los Angeles + thus, PARTYSKIRTS was born.

Made of 100% Dupioni Silk + manufactured in Vancouver, PARTYSKIRTS have taken the fashion world by storm, appearing in chic boutiques + on stylish women everywhere.

The must-have for any social season, PARTYSKIRTS are highly functional, taking you from day to night + available in Gold, Oxblood, Black, Teal, + Magenta.




So you can finally stop the search for the perfect dress + put on a PARTYSKIRT this holiday season! Visit skotapparel.com for more info. You can also follow PARTYSKIRTS on Twitter  + Instagram.

Watch for a ‘3-ways-to-wear’ style post featuring PARTYSKIRTS, coming soon.

From Head To Toe

I had to post this look because I love love love it. From head-to-toe this look is perfection + something I would definitely wear myself. About 99% of everything that I pin to my pinterest style boards stem from my own style + is an extension of my taste + personality. In case you’re interested in taking a peek, you can view my style boards here.

111956740708179178_pGp4cNIE_cWinning Combo:

Camel Hat
Fur Coat
Faux-Leather Leggings
Black Suede Booties

Looks I’m Loving

Winter provides us with so much room for experimentation + variation in our looks, it’s really inspiring to see all the subtle changes that can come from similar choices. I’ve shared some style-inspiration + looks I’m loving right now. Happy Weekend!

27795722671722148_S6ab71U1_c SONY DSC 142848619402524523_eW1CGlCj_c 160722280421803972_CW148QCr_c 197102921163371196_e2PT3h7u_c 222998619020430003_BitUjcpb_cFor more style-inspiration you can visit my Pinterest page here

The Holiday Party Dress

With the onslaught of holiday party invitations comes the dread + horror of finding the perfect party dress. The holiday season is getting into full swing + we’re faced to deal with hectic traffic, (lack of) parking, crowded malls + the need to impress on a budget. If that wasn’t enough it can be difficult to find the perfect dress that’s pretty, sophisticated,  + work-funtion-appropriate with a holiday feel. I’ve shared some holiday inspiration that will (hopefully) help guide you to find your perfect party dress!

The Glam Mini

The Goddess

The Chic Secretary

The Conservative Mini

The Romantic

The Party Skirt


There are upsides to living in a rainy city! Also known as my beautiful Vancouver, where our winters are mild + full of rain. I personally love the rain, the way it soothes + carries me to sleep, its smell in the summer on the hot pavement or the cozy feeling it provides on a relaxing Sunday. If all these reason weren’t enough, I’d have to also thank HUNTER for my obsessive love of the rain + the footwear I’m ‘forced’ to wear during these days.

I, of course adore the original HUNTER rainboot + wear them regularly. I love how they are functional + look great with really any look you’re on the mission to achieve. I did however, come across these beauties (I mean, seriously), the Python Hunter by Jimmy Choo and I have to say, I’m mesmerized. Seriously, I must have these. The price tag is steep so be warned, maybe ill get lucky over xmas?

Favorite Items Right Now

Python HUNTER by Jimmy Choo (Genius)

This would make for a great school bag or perfectly paired with your boots!

5 Trends You Should Try

Due to the success of my first ‘5 Trends’ post, I have decided to continue the series. Thank you to all of the wonderful readers who have taken particular interest in my little blog here – you make my heart sing. Without further adieu, here are 5 Trends you should try:

1. Rock All Denim

Seen Here

2. Gold Cuff

Also Seen Here

3. High-waisted Trouser

Seen Here

4. Lower Chignon

Also Seen Here

5. Printed Blouse

Seen Here

Black on Black on Black

While I’m usually one for taking chances when it comes to style + fashion; I explore new colors + trends regularly varying on my mood that day, sometimes there’s nothing better than pulling out all of your favorite noir pieces for an all-out black-out. I’ve shared some of my favorite examples:

Seen Here

Seen Here

Seen Here

Seen Here

Seen Here