5 Must-haves for the Home

Those little touches + attention to detail are really what make a house a home. Mixing chic accessories with modern pieces add loads of character to your space without looking tacky or overwhelming – balance is key here. I’ve listed my top 5 must-haves for the home, what are some of yours? Links + comments welcomed below.

1. AERIN Round Match Striker


Available Here

2. Zebra Metallic Gold Cow Hide Rug


Available Here

3. Raindrops Mug by LEIF


Available Here

4. Gold Moroccan Pouf


Available Here

5. Decorative Pillows


Available Here

Fabulous Home Lighting

There’s nothing quite like chic lighting to brighten up a space! I’ve rounded up some gorgeous light fixtures worthy of becoming the main attraction to any room.


5066618300380364_Irb3Do7t_cAvailable Here

73605775131280588_PTchn1ru_c101964379034770537_4117kbkT_cCrystal Chandelier

23221754298708259_gV6V1wXS_cAvailable Here



213217363578663611_PTvPc8xb_cAnything catch your eye? I want to hear from you! Comments welcome below

Home Styling on Pinterest

I’ve recently included a new pinboard to my Pinterest account, focused on Home Styling. A lover of photography, Pinterest serves as great inspiration for me for everything from recipes to workouts to interior design ideas. Styling in general is one of my greatest passions, I am incessantly picking over details + the way things look visually. Here’s a peek at what you can expect from my newest addition to Pinterest.

//Room Styling



//Wall Styling

147915168981051073_8o5dxxRV_c 160722280421790866_VbgZ2vfZ_c//Shelving Styling

37788084344633298_jxa4vYeD_c 253186810272650170_9mH2payO_c//Tabletop Styling

206532332881178177_mBlTZ8BD_c//Bar Cart Styling


Christmas Series: Holiday Decor

I’ve shared this holiday decor guide to inspire your Christmas creativity for a trend-setting home for the holidays. Here are some of my top picks for holiday decor. This year I’m loving a mix of sophisticated + traditional decor to achieve a festive look at home.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a seasonal theme is by adding accessories. Mixing non-traditional colors like golds, pinks + blues are a must and can be used in accent pillows, vases, candles or decorative bowls filled with ornament in your chosen colors. Be creative + have fun in the process!

1. Use Vases + Cake Stands To Display Ornaments


2. Mix Sophisticated + Traditional


3. Update Your Color Scheme


4. Incorporate Vintage


5. Add a Fresh Twist to Traditional Holiday Decor


6. Display Your Favorites in Decorative Bowls


7. Warm Lighting


Pretty Home Workspaces

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite workspaces that prove that a healthy dose of work + play make for the perfect at-home workspace. A mix of functional pieces, unique personal touches + pretty home office accessories can turn your home office into a space of inspiration. Mixing neutrals with pops of color can make the space feel more feminine + has the ability to transform an otherwise dull home office into a bright, creative space.

1. Pop of Color


Seen Here

2. Black + White


Seen Here

3. Home Office Accessories


Seen Here

4. Feminine


Seen Here

5. Personal Details


Seen Here

6. Incorporate Colorful Prints


Seen Here

A Peek at my Home Workspace

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Christmas Series: Holiday Spaces

December is officially here + to kick off the holidays I’m launching a new series that will carry throughout the month, focused on the magic + many details of Christmas. This series will also cover; holiday decor, entertaining, gift-wrapping ideas, party favors + much more.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year + what better way to celebrate than to bring these tiny details into your home so that Christmas-sy feeling can be felt by loved ones, all while setting the scene for some serious holiday entertaining. To start the series off, were taking a peek at some gorgeous holiday spaces:

Starry Night

Pink Holiday

Similar look here

O Holy Night Mantel

Get the look


Get the look

Twinkle Lights

Get the look

Shabby Chic Christmas

Get the look

The next Christmas Series post will take a closer look at holiday spaces, + focus on the little details that make holiday decor so much fun!

Monday Zzzz

On a frosty Monday morning, there is one place in particular I’d rather be. In bed! So since I’m still day dreaming of my warm, cozy covers I figured it would only be natural to share some of my favorite spaces to catch a wink.

Stephanie Vogler’s Place in Style at Home Magazine

Space by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl

Space by Veanad

Space seen in Style at Home Magazine

Space seen on Little Blue Deer

DIY {Gold}

If ever you can’t find it in stores, you do-it-yourself. I’ve come across loads of DIY-inspired ideas for around the home that I would totally incorporate into my own. Especially these easy alterations to typical pieces like the ones I’ve shared below. A little gold accent really takes these looks to the next level. What are some of your favorite DIY projects? I’d love to see them, feel free to post in the comment section below!

Gold Corners: Get the look

Gold Tray: Get the look

Ikea Shelves Painted W/ Gold Accents

Gold Staples for Special Invites or Event Programs. Get the look

For more DIY inspiration + ideas you can also visit my Pinterest page here