SkinCeuticals Skincare

When it comes to my skin, I simply cannot skimp out! ..and when it comes to my daily skincare routine, SkinCeuticals is at the top of my list. All their products are focused around three fundamental elements: Prevention, Protection, and Correction.

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with a fairly common skin discoloration disorder called Malasma – and while I am very lucky my case is minor in comparison to many others, I have to be extra cautious with sun exposure + take those extra steps to help maintain the healty state of my skin.

I would highly recommend making SkinCeuticals apart of your everyday routine! (No, I was not paid to say that) I’m just that passionate about this wonderful company. I’ve shared some of my favorite products below:


1. Intensely Hydrating Masque with Vitamin B5 $54
2. Rehabilitative Face Cream for Aging Skin $140
3. Antioxidant Lip Repair $38
4. Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing System $175
5. Complexion Calming Corrective Gel (especially great for people with skin pigmentation troubles, sun spots or scars) $62
6. Rehabilitative Emollient Eye Balm $81

Summer Bright

Summer is in full swing + in Vancouver we’ve been receiving gifts of Vitamin D on the regular. I love exploring new products that will get me that ‘healthy glow’ + experimenting with some more daring (if you will) trends that might not make the cut during the darker more dreary months. Bright nails, fresh dewy makeup + big wavy, beachy hair are just a few of my favorites for beach season. As for my current summer loves, I’ve got you covered on all your beauty essentials & trends for this season.


Are there any products that are not on my list that I should not miss?! Feel free to comment below – beauty reco’s welcomed!

1. Clinique CC Cream $35
2. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking $30
3. One Love Organics-Love Springs Eternal-Youth Preservation Serum $59
4. RGB ‘Pool’ Nail Laquer $18
5. Beach Waves (+ Fish-tail braid)
6. Yarok-FEED YOUR ENDS leave-in conditioner + heat protectant $18
7. One Love Organics-LOVE Travel Bag $18
8. Neon Blush Brush Available at Topshop

Get a Manicured Finish

I will usually paint my nails myself, but in the event I do stop in to get a manicure on-the-go I always feel so happy with the job they have done. Do you ever wonder how they work their magic? It seems there is some method to their madness when it comes to painting perfect tips. I’ve shared this informative step-by-step chart I found on Pinterest to show you how you can achieve this perfection at home!

The Right Brush For The Job

It can be overwhelming when you purchase a set of new brushes, to know exactly what each brushes’ purpose is for the best possible application. I came across these straightforward + helpful guides from the beauty department + wanted to share them with you. I have these printed + kept in my cosmetic drawer for easy + convenient access at all times.

Healthy Skin 101

Healthy skin starts from the inside out! Toss these power foods into your grocery bag next time you head to the market, and put your best face forward by giving your skin the nutrients it needs! Summer time is spent socializing so now’s a great time to change-up your diet to incorporate more foods that will give you that summer glow!

1. Almonds
2. Carrots
3. Dark Chocolate
4. Flaxseed
5. Green Tea
6. Safflower Oil
7. Tuna
8. Spinach
9. Sweet potatoes
10. Tomatoes

Pucker Up!

When faced with a tough week ahead, there’s nothing like a bright, fresh new lipstick to send a girl in the right direction! Adding the perfect pout to your pucker gives your look a sense of confidence + distinction. This Spring we are ever-so-lucky to have what seems, unlimited choices – whether your going for a candy pink, tangerine orange or poppy red, these vibrant hues are perfect for daytime wear through t’ill night!

Fashionable Tips

I have to say, there’s nothing better than a set of freshly painted nails! Changing up your polish gives a complete, finished look to your outfit. I regularly change my polish at least 3-4 times per week (ok, i’m a bit obsessed) depending on my mood and the pieces that I’ve selected to wear. Attention to detail is key when staying on trend! To avoid damaged nail-beds when applying back-to-back coats, I use OPI Nail Envy – works like magic!

Step 1

Prep nails by trimming, filing + shaping your tips prior to applying any lacquer

Step 2

Once you’ve got your desired shape, apply OPI Nail Envy {or any ‘bottom coat’} to protect your nails from constant coverage

Step 3

Apply color! This is the fun part – this season calls for pretty pastels + bright colorful hues

Step 4

Gel-lacquer is now available at most nail bars or available for purchase at nail + beauty supplies stores {alternative: use ‘Top Coat’}

Most importantly, have fun + be expertimental! {Remember} Your style is always evolving, so don’t be afraid of change or being BOLD

5 Glam Essentials

There are a few main staples that every glam girl should have in her closet! Re-inventing your look doesn’t have to mean emptying your pockets or resorting to maxing your credit limit. A lot of these staple pieces are available (+affordable!) at multiple retailers near you + when incorporated with your more expensive pieces can give your look the ‘wow’ factor.

5 glam essentials YOU. MUST-HAVE:

1 A Bright Lipstick

For similar shop Mac $18

2 Black eyeliner (always with mascara!)

Shop Sephora $12:

3 Sky-high Heels

For similar Shop Aldo $80:

4 Faux-fur Shrug

Similar Michael Kors: Faux Fur Coyote Blonde Vest $180

5 Metallic Clutch

Similar Clutch at Forever21 $22: