There are upsides to living in a rainy city! Also known as my beautiful Vancouver, where our winters are mild + full of rain. I personally love the rain, the way it soothes + carries me to sleep, its smell in the summer on the hot pavement or the cozy feeling it provides on a relaxing Sunday. If all these reason weren’t enough, I’d have to also thank HUNTER for my obsessive love of the rain + the footwear I’m ‘forced’ to wear during these days.

I, of course adore the original HUNTER rainboot + wear them regularly. I love how they are functional + look great with really any look you’re on the mission to achieve. I did however, come across these beauties (I mean, seriously), the Python Hunter by Jimmy Choo and I have to say, I’m mesmerized. Seriously, I must have these. The price tag is steep so be warned, maybe ill get lucky over xmas?

Favorite Items Right Now

Python HUNTER by Jimmy Choo (Genius)

This would make for a great school bag or perfectly paired with your boots!

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