Make Your Own Health Bars

Over the past few months I have made many changes to my diet. Now, when I say diet I am not referring to ‘dieting’, but rather have completely cut out processed foods, sugar and refined carbs. I’ve filled my meals with leafy greens + veggies, quinoa, protein shakes (2 per day) fruits, complex carbs, fish, lean meat + chicken. Instead of thinking of food as a way to waste time when bored, I think of food as my fuel and our relationship has blossomed because of it.

I have to say that making small changes gradually has helped me to make the transition + stick to it. I feel great! I do a mix of Yoga (Hot + Flow) + Boxing consistently throughout each week, and found that I wasn’t fulfilling my nutritional needs (Pre-Post) in order to get the muscle, toning + definition I was looking to gain.

When it comes to snacking (which I do between each meal: the key is small nutritious snacks that will fill you up + won’t weigh you down). I will regularly alternate between a variety of healthy (unsalted) nuts, fruits, veggies + plenty of water. I love the idea of protein bars but so many are loaded with sugars + fillers that aren’t the best, and really who doesn’t want the best for themselves?

Here are a few healthy homemade bar alternatives to try for extra fuel pre/post an intense workout:

Healthy Homemade Bars

Healthy Fruit + Nut Bars

No-Bake Banana Nut Protein Bars (vegan, gluten-free)

Sweet + Salty Bars

Mix + Match Energy Bars

*You can also visit my Pinterest page for more Healthful + nutritious meal/snack ideas


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