My Review: The Kale Chip

After reading the floods of comments + reviews on this magical snack, I had to give it a go! So, this past weekend I headed to my local market to pickup some leafy greens + went straight to work. My first thought was that when baked, kale chips might actually be bitter or they wouldn’t turn out right on the first try. But to my surprise + delight, they turned out perfect! They were light, crispy + delicious – have you heard a bad review yet?

Kale Chips are super easy to make + take little to no time at all – the perfect snack on-the-go, packed with Vitamins K, A & C. 1 cup of Kale contains less than 50 cal, more than 1000% of the recommended daily Vitamin K, more than 300% of Vit A & more than 200% of your recommended Vit C {source}.

Making Kale Chips couldn’t be easier!  Ditch the guilt of snacking + get your greens in – daily!

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