Shopping Finds

Yesterday afternoon I made a quick trip to pick up some summer staples to add to my wardrobe and walked out with (of course) more than I intended. Retailers like Forever 21 are my go-to brands for trendy, inexpensive pieces that serve their ‘in-the-moment’ purpose when shopping on a budget.

I rarely ever scour the sale rack in the back of the store but a (faux) leopard fur coat caught my eye + I had to have it. I had seen a similar version at Zara during the fall season for about triple the price but it had sold out before I had had a chance to get it. It’s funny how the pieces you adore have a way of coming back around when you least expect it (for a fraction of the price).

I’m kind of obsessed with hair accessories, turbans + headbands for the Summer + was delighted to find 2 headbands. My favorite of the 2 pictured above embellished with a small chain, leather & jeweled flower detailing (at $4 ea.)

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