My Summer Must’s

Like I told you a couple posts ago, I am in the midst of planning my Summer vacation, only a short 4 weeks away! Hot days + warm nights spent at a cabin tucked away in the Gulf Islands. Every time we go, I come back feeling more refreshed + focused. It’s definitely one of the few times I can disconnect from my tech-induced life + take in all the sights, sounds + smells that island life has to offer, especially during the hot Summer months.

Being that I’m a fanatic ‘to-do-lister’, I thought it might be fun to publish my ‘Summer Must’s’…as in, 10 things I’m hoping to accomplish before the Summer’s end!

1. Concoct the perfect cold-coffee beverage

2. Make yummy smore’s over a roaring fire

3. Have a picnic by the ocean

4. Ride bikes at night

5. Go cliff jumping

6. Make homemade ice cream

7. Visit my local Farmers Market
8. Pick fresh berries from my garden
9. Watch the fireworks by the water at English Bay
10. Go to a drive-in movie theatre (Never been!)

I’d love to hear what you are looking most forward to this Summer!


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