Day#4 kicked off with a full house to see Van Fashion Week’s most anticipated collections of the week from Xsenia & Olya, Korea’s Ha Sang Beg, VAWK – with a dual show to debut of their sister line; VAWKKIN, Teresa Rosati and Farida Lalji.1. Ha Sang Beg receives a warm welcome after showcasing his grungy-chic collection 2. Beg being swarmed by reporters, media & press post-show3. Front Row for Ha Sang Beg’s show 4. Coral hues caught by @virally5. VAWK was definitely the most anticipated show of the night, also premiering their sister line VAWKKIN. 6. VAWK’s amazing collection “Sci-fi Samuri”
7. Catwalk discussions with @KENTONmagazine 8. Ending Day#4 off with Social Media Dream Team Naja Kader @senseofsomethin & Sandra Chung @sandrogynous


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