Day #5 closed the final day of Vancouver Fashion Week with Internationally known designers including Milan’s Duyan, Brazil’s Soddi, Mexico’s RG Sanchez and Vancouver’s own, Eva Chen. I feel blessed to have been able to attend the entire week of VFW with Vancouver’s most faboosh & undeniably talented. Here are some of Day #5’s most memorable moments:

1. With stylish people 2. Soddi Menswear Finale
3. Eva Chen Couture 4. Front Row Day#5
5. Editor-in-Chief of KENTON Magazine gives a post-show interview 6. With Jamal Abdourahman, Founder/Producer of VFW
7. Photo by: Alex Waber 8. Would be fun getting through airport security in these! But I love them none the less.
9. Spotted: Mr. Andy Chu sitting front row 10. My new friend & addition to the KENTON team, Jacky Le @JackyyLe

What a blast! I’ve met soo many amazing people; designers, writers, photographers, stylists, reporters, buyers.. the list goes on. A lot of really great relationships were formed over the past week that I hope to keep for years of fashion-faux-pas to come.

A special thank you to my team, at Van Fashion Week; Naja Kader, Sandra Chung, Erica Chapman, Holley Vestad, Connor Gallaway, Jamal Abdourahman, Charles Zuckerman, Erica Lynn, Colleen Tsoukalas, Madison Blake, and Megan West – we did it! To KENTON Magazine for adopting me as one of your own, red seat and all – you guys were so much fun! And to all the amazing designers – the inspiration for dedicating a week of our lives to viewing, oohing and ahhing your beautiful collections of art.

Until next season! XO

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