MHM’s Guide to Surviving Fashion Week

We’ve watched, New York, Paris, London, Milan…and now, it’s our turn! Vancouver Fashion Week is gearing up and kicking off the season with our opening gala tonight at the Opus Hotel. It’s a jungle out there, so I’ve prepared my Must-have Maven’s Guide to Surviving the madness:

1. Plan your outfits: Fashion Week isn’t just about seeing it, but rather being seen! Inspect, inspect, inspect your outfits ahead of time to avoid having to make an emergency pit stop at the dry cleaners.

2. Pack your purse with the necessary snacks + steer clear of hunger pains during the chaos. Clif bars are perfect for a quick pick-me-up in between shows.

3. Mother nature could give a crap about Fashion Week, so plan accordingly in case she decides to wreak havoc. Take with you, your chic-est trench + stash a mini umbrella in your purse.

4. Power-up: extra charged batteries for any device you own is key. Don’t be afraid to plug-in in between shows – there’s nothing worse than missing the grand finale because you were too embarrassed to whip out your charger!

5. Be organized: print out the schedule + anticipate where in the venue you need to be where the action is. Do not be late + always RSVP!

Fashion Week Survival Essentials

In addition to cash (hailing cabs), bottled water and a bold lipstick, here are some VFW2012 essentials you must-have to keep calm, cool + collected during all the madness:
1. Mother-Nature resistant Trench
2. Chic Flats for tired feet
3. iphone, blackberry, android – whatever device you are working from
4. Power-up: batteries, chargers for extra juice in case of a crisis
5. Hydrate: keep a bottle of water in your purse
6. Snack-time: protein bars are great to have in between shows
7. Bold Lipstick
8. Freshen-up: keep fresh with Orbitz gum
9. Oxygen Mask: Bliss Triple Oxygen mask is a perfect relaxer for you + your skin after the damage is done, post-show

I will be covering Fashion Week during the 6-day event so be sure to follow MHM on Twitter & Instagram ‘musthavemaven’ for behind-the-scenes coverage + live tweeting throughout the shows! Tweet #VFW12


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