Emerald City

Good morning!! How are we all doing? The weekend is right around the corner and I could not be more happy about it! St. Patrick’s is fast approaching and in the spirit of pots of gold, rainbows + leprechauns I’ve compiled some of my favorite Emerald hues in celebration of St. Patrick’s day!

I adore this emerald sequins form-fitting dress + Angie’s long-sleeved mermaid gown by Versace

1. Wilfred Free: Barbuda T-shirt $55
2. T. Babaton Tinsley Blouse $98
3. Rag & Bone Legging in Vintage Biscay $210
4. T. Babaton Kate Loose Knit Sweater $85

Emerald hues rule the runway

On St. Patrick’s day (this Saturday) I will be attending our first Fashion Blogger’s Clothing Sale Event at the Waldorf downtown! I hope that many of you will make an appearance- if you do come say a friendly hello!
Details here XO

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