Week in Photos

Time really flies when you’re having fun! This couldn’t be more true for me this past week! I cannot believe how time literally escapes me. From Valentines sweets + treats, attending the prestigious Roseball, flying to the island for some cozy cabin time in celebration of my 4yr anniversary, to attending the premier collection show for designer David Jack.. whew!! It has been a hectic, crazy, busy week but amazing nonetheless!







1. Valentine’s Day Flowers from my love – brightens my home office!
2. My bfrend bracelets made by the lovely Monika Hibbs finally arrived!! Aren’t they gorgeous?! Available for purchase here: shopbfrend
3. What Im Wearing – Dress: Calvin Klein, Shoe: Steve Madden, Clutch: Chanel, Watch: Juicy Couture, Bracelet: Bfrend by Monika Hibbs
4. Fly Van–>Island to unwind for a few days (sigh!)
5. Celebrating 4 amazing yrs of adventures
6. Honored to be invited to the launch of the effortlessly talented David Jack, who premiered his collection on Feb20th

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