I Dream of Chic

One of my favorite things to do on a wet, rainy Vancouver day is to sit with a hot cup of tea + flip through the latest issues of Style at home, Home & Design or Architectural Digest to see what the latest + greatest pieces, custom wallpaper or drapery is!! I get lost in the pages of design magazines, dreaming of decorating my dream apartment in exactly my taste. I love a clean, modern, chic, yet cozy look with contemporary flare!

Gorgeous Navy Headboard + Cozy-chic Fur Throw

I’m a sucker for chandeliers – they make the room elegant + sophisticated

Entrance tables are a must – display your most precious pieces to be showcased for all to see when entering your home {love the pink accent wall!}

Shag rugs + fur throws give the room a welcoming, calm + cozy feel. Picking out art-deco wallpaper make this room electic + interesting

Have an accent wall – choose 1 wall to accent with funky wallpaper, still balancing out the rest of the room with 3 neutral walls

Stripes bring a room to life when the walls are white!

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