5 Glam Essentials

There are a few main staples that every glam girl should have in her closet! Re-inventing your look doesn’t have to mean emptying your pockets or resorting to maxing your credit limit. A lot of these staple pieces are available (+affordable!) at multiple retailers near you + when incorporated with your more expensive pieces can give your look the ‘wow’ factor.

5 glam essentials YOU. MUST-HAVE:

1 A Bright Lipstick

For similar shop Mac $18 http://bit.ly/z7vmXR

2 Black eyeliner (always with mascara!)

Shop Sephora $12: http://bit.ly/yO6aR9

3 Sky-high Heels

For similar Shop Aldo $80: http://bit.ly/wg4hYJ

4 Faux-fur Shrug

Similar Michael Kors: Faux Fur Coyote Blonde Vest $180 repertoirefashion.co.uk

5 Metallic Clutch

Similar Clutch at Forever21 $22: http://bit.ly/zljX0D


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