Accessorize Me

Part of being a girl that’s {so fun} is being able to accessorize our looks to the nines! Accessories are a great way to incorporate a glam, finished look to your inspired outfit of the day (or night!). There are seriously no limits as to how much or how little you can accessorize your look. Part of re-inventing yourself has a lot to do with the right accessories!

Chunky gold bracelets are super trendy right now, add your favorite oversized watch and bangles and you’ve got yourself an arm-party!

Bangles are great for any occasion, a glam night out, a quiet movie night in, they are perfect for adding that finishing touch to a great outfit. You can find them virtually anywhere, at any price, so they are jus what the doctor ordered if you are shopping on a budget! Retailers like Aldo, Forever21, H&M, or Zara are great for finding deals on jewels and accessories like bangles & they usually come in a wide variety of styles + colors.

In my opinion, Marc Jacobs is the king of chic + modern watches – Above: Blade Chrono Etched $225





Cocktail rings are fun + interesting pieces that can take an outfit to the next level, incorporating an element of color + flare to a great night-time look!



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